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Thanks to recent progresses in the field of molecular biology, it has been found that a variety of redox-reactions, (a compound noun for "Reduction & Oxidation"), are playing a significant role in maintenance of homeostasis of organism. Aerobic organism produces energy by using oxygen and regulates redox-reactions; however, under deficiency state of such regulator, human organism would suffer from excessive radical oxygen and would be exposed to a risk of oxidant stress.

Due to recent fluctuations of environmental factors (physical, chemical, and biological factors) or unhealthy lifestyles, excessive amount of radical oxygen and free radical are produced in our body, and as a result, redox balance is disrupted. Researchers point out that this can be possibilities of cancers, lifestyle diseases, and cardiac diseases, etc. For example, causes of six deaths out of ten in Japan are related to lifestyle diseases, therefore, much more advanced collaborative medical services with emphasis on redox navigation would be an urgent task for the country. For this reason, Kyushu University proposed the concept of Redox Navigation as follows.

  1. Evaluate body redox in detail
  2. Manage integration technology to handle the redox
  3. Make an early diagnosis for redox-related disease
  4. Confirm new medical approach
  5. Create advanced innovation medical fields to develop therapeutic medication

In 2007, Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation (Project Director: Setsuo Arikawa, President of Kyushu University) was established with a proposal of "Formulation of Advanced Collaborative Medical Innovation Center" as Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology. In 2009, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology narrowed down the number of their projects from thirteen to five to concentrate better, and Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation was chosen as one of the continuing projects for another seven years.

Characteristic of Kyushu University toward Advanced Collaborative Medical Redox Navigation Research

Regarding biological redox navigation, Kyushu University has been conducting top pioneering researches in the world. For example, Kyushu University owns one of the best facilities to experiment molecule-imaging for biological redox navigation, and its leading-edge research environment is comparable with that of National Institutes of Health (NIH) in USA. Moreover, Kyushu University has been developing most advanced researches in such as 1) fundamental and remedial research of redox pathological conditions (diabetes, cancer and neurological disease) 2) research of novel substance such as redox imaging probe and the most advanced sensing 3) development of functional foods in Anti Oxidant Biofacor and its metabolomics analysis to investigate the difference in body metabolism. On the other hand, Kyushu University carries out joint effort between industry and academia, and each industry possess high-level research and development capacity.

Main framework for Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation in Kyushu University

Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation gathers a collaborative wisdom and creativity in medical science, pharmaceutical science, and engineering. Moreover, its Center organizes consecutive and propulsive advanced innovation medical fields such as analysis of disease related to redox, an early diagnosis, medical treatment, and drug discovery. The main purpose of its foundation is to provide a secure, safe, and sound society by continuous innovations. In particular, utilizing body redox navigation as a common concept, Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation 1) develops biological redox measurement, imaging system and biological redox sensitive probe, 2) analyses metabolic differences for biological redox change, 3) clarifies redox concerns with diseases, 4) promotes consistent early diagnosis, medical treatment and development of therapeutic agents for related redox-diseases, and 5) formulates network system to return these research achievements back to community as well as district hospital. Furthermore, Innovation Center for Medical Redox Navigation aims interaction in all different advanced collaborative medical areas for the cultivation of human resources. Finally, Kyushu University would like to contribute to better medical system for public who support aging society.